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Did You Know?

A common aspect of premises liability law is the concept of notice.

Notice means that the owner, landlord, city, management, or other party you deem liable for your premises liability injury had to be aware of the defective condition at issue. Different types of notice include actual notice, constructive notice, and “caused and created” notice.

Premises Liability

Premises liability usually refers to accidents that occur outside of your home. A premises liability accident can occur almost anywhere: a restaurant, amusement park, supermarket, apartment complex, subway station, post office, and the list goes on and on.

Were you or a loved one injured on someone else’s property as a direct result of their negligence? Our personal injury lawyers can help! Contact a premises liability lawyer in your area today for more information about receiving monetary compensation in a lawsuit.

Various types of premises accidents include, but are not limited to:

       - Slip, Trip & Falls
       - Building Accidents
       - Construction Accidents
       - Ceiling Collapses
       - Elevator Accidents
       - Escalator Accidents
       - Poor Lighting
       - Falls from Ladders & Scaffolds
       - Municipal Liability
       - School Accidents
       - Slip and Fall Accidents on City Roadways and Sidewalks

The most common premises liability cases are slip and fall cases. It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that floors are cleaned properly and that spills are taken care of promptly. For property that is outside or floors that have been mopped recently, it is also the responsibility of the property owners to put out a “slippery when wet” sign to alert others of the conditions. Failure to keep floors clean or providing this type of signage can result in slip and fall accidents, which can then result in the victim pursuing a lawsuit to receive compensation for the injuries that were sustained in the accident.
Premises liability can also cover other types of incidents that have occurred on another’s property as a direct result of negligence. For example, a shopping mall that doesn’t provide adequate lighting and/or security in the parking lot around the time that the mall closes can result in a shopper being robbed, kidnapped, raped, or even killed. Since it was the property’s responsibility to ensure that a shopper should be safe at a reasonable hour, they could be find liable.

Have you or a loved one sustained injuries in a premises liability accident? Our personal injury attorneys can help! Contact a premises liability attorney today to learn more about obtaining financial damages in a personal injury settlement.

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