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Did You Know?

An alarming report by The Wall Street Journal stated that nearly 55% of all medical malpractice lawsuits stem from mistakes that occurred in the ER.

These in-and-out nature of these frantic facilities could prove dangerous. There could be failed, unrecognized or flat out incorrect diagnoses.

Medical Malpractice & Birth Injuries

Hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals are expected to perform their duties and services with skills that live up to the standards of their profession. If they neglect to do so and this results in harm, fatal injuries or financial loss, this is classified as medical malpractice. Victims of malpractice and the families of deceased individuals that were victimized by doctor error can claim monetary compensation for their suffering, pain, and losses. We handle medical malpractice issues with:

       - Occupational Therapists
       - Orthodontists
       - Chiropractic Physicians
       - Hospitals
       - Pediatricians
       - Clinical Labs
       - Dental Hygienists
       - Podiatrists
       - Naturopaths
       - Dentists
       - Blood Bank / Plasma Centers
       - Nurses / Registered Nurses / Nurse Practitioners
       - Radiologic Technologists
       - Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
       - Optometrists
       - and others

Our medical malpractice lawyers have successfully handled many medical malpractice claims and can accurately identify medical malpractice and negligence. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced with locating medical expert witnesses that are often certified specialists, which is an essential component in the prosecution of medical malpractice claims.

Our attorneys have the experience, skills, and other necessary resources required to successfully pursue medical negligence claims.

We have experience handling:

       - Birth injuries and Birth Trauma
       - Failure to diagnose Cancer or misdiagnosing Cancer
       - Failure to diagnose a stroke
       - Endoscopy and Colonoscopy errors
       - Plastic Surgery errors
       - Failure to diagnose head trauma
       - Brain injuries
       - Prescription errors
       - Opthalmologic surgeries including cataract and lasix procedures
       - Pancreatic, gallbladder surgeries and abdominal surgeries
       - Orthopedic surgeries
       - Knee and hip replacement procedures
       - Neurosurgery and aneurysm surgery
       - Plastic surgery
       - Delay or misdiagnosis of illness and infection
       - Emergency room negligence

If a negligent doctor has committed medical malpractice and you or someone close to you have been harmed as a result thereof, our attorneys can build a persuasive and solid case on your behalf and get you the compensation that you or your loved one deserves.

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